I just thought I'd share with you my story and experience about how I finally got rid of Yeast Infections. Last year I noticed that it started itching “down there”. At first I thought it would go away and waited, but things just got worse. It really started burning, especially when I had to pee or tried having sex. So finally I went to my doctor and he diagnosed me with Yeast Infection and put me on antifungal prescription creams and antibiotics right away. These really brought me down and I felt really awful with them, but I continued taking the yeast infection treatment until the infection disappeared. Problem was that a few weeks later it returned even worse than before. This happened again and again, and I was really keen to get rid of the yeast infection once and for all. So I did some digging online until I came across the eBook “Yeast Infection No More” which has seriously changed my life. Here's a link to it: http://www.b2links.com/yeast_no_more The book really opened my eyes to how our health works, as well as how our bodies work and really laid out the “prescription” on how to get rid of a Yeast Infection permanently, not just giving temporary relief. What the book teaches is really simple, like eating the right food, eliminating the wrong ones, and making lifestyle changes. It takes a HOLISTIC approach to eliminating Yeast infections and I think this is why it is so effective. What I also liked is that it also provides one-on-one counselling line with Linda Allen the professional who developed this method, and this allowed me to get answers to some specific questions I had. IMHO Doctors aren’t always right, especially when it comes to them pushing unnecessary prescription drugs which are usually quite unnecessary and just bring you down in the long run. Anyway, if you're sick and tired of your yeast infection, don't lose hope because it CAN be completely removed. To learn more click here: http://www.b2links.com/yeast_no_more PS. When I had the infection I took a homeopathic solution called Yeastrol, http://www.b2links.com/yeastrol which made me feel much better. If you follow the book you don't really need it, but in my condition I needed quick relief so I used it to remove the symptoms and made life more bearable.